The family is the natural environment for child’s growth and the parents play the role of its first tutors. The school is supposed to support the family in its efforts to transfer the knowledge and behavioral patterns, hence the indispensable cooperation between them. The values and customs taught at home should find confirmation and reinforcement at school. This allows the child to grow and develop freely with the feeling of safety and security.

The contemporary man continuously receives great deal of information and stimulus coming from different sources, including the undesirable ones.

In this situation, the child turns out to be helpless and unquestioningly accepts contradictory messages, which creates the feeling of chaos in the way it perceives and understands the world. The school, on a par with the family home, helps the child order this image of the world in such a way that it’s compatible with the world of values.

What is really important is the respect for the truth. The school can considerably support the family in the field of child’s personal development by means of setting requirements which encourage the pupils to mould their character, overcome the difficulties and achieve the goals. School’s also a place of many types of encounters. Its role is crucial especially when it comes to gaining the experience related to collaboration within the peer group and entering the world of law and civic duties. The necessary knowledge of one’s national history, literature, culture and natural world helps to develop a healthy attitude of pride of one’s own country and the desire to maintain its tradition in the future.

The development of a young person would be incomplete without taking into consideration his spiritual dimension. It also requires patterns and incentives.

We especially concentrate on individual approach to each pupil. We try to discover its talents and help developing them. It helps to build a healthy self-esteem and find one’s place in the school community.

Kindness and confidence showed by the teachers translate into the same attitude of the pupils. It constitutes the basis for the fully effective educational and behavior system.